Maxx Kochar

Advocate of Social Innovation and Urban Photographer.

Chief Business Officer, Forever A Hipster. A business professional with twenty-five years of diverse management experience. Maxx is known for his exceptional business insight, practical and experience based solutions, with the goal of solving problems. He is interested in the ‘long-term’ and the ‘end-game’. Maxx is valued partner to each and every one of the leaders and organizations he works with; helping them to fully realize their goals and become the ‘preferred choice’ by their clients and customers. Passionate about the businesses he works with and even more passionate about making a difference.

Experience and Expertise

    • Business Innovation and Creativity
    • Facilitation and Coaching
    • Business Modelling
    • Design Thinking
    • Business Process Mapping

    Business Focus:

    • Airports, Airlines and Service Businesses
    • Governmental Regulations and Legislation
    • Safety, Security and Enforcement
    • Customer Experience
    • Professional Development and Leadership
    Designing Competitive and Sustainable Business for a Clean Future.