Hipster Entertainment

Read hipster classics. Your reading sources are important because what you read connects you with other hipsters, informs you about cultural issues, and keeps you knowledgeable. There's a lot to be read out there, so sort the wheat from the chaff and get into the things that matter most. Things to read include:

  • Hipster magazines, such as Vice, Another Magazine, and Wallpaper. Foreign magazines are good too.
  • Great books and poetry by people like Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and Norman Mailer. Any other books you think are great. Any books, period; reading books sets hipsters apart from a lot of people. Visit the political science, anthropology, and sociology sections of the bookstores and local library frequently.
  • Blogs by other hipsters. You might also be inspired enough to write your own blog frequently.

Watch hipster cinema. Watch independent and foreign films (Toronto International Film Festival - TIFF), as well as attending independent theater productions, such as shows by Ann Liv Young. Watch Wes Anderson, Hal Hartley and Jim Jarmusch movies.

Listen to newly emerging, independent music. Indie music is a big part of what being a hipster is all about. Turn to the endless and ever-renewing list of independent artists in the music scene, especially in the areas of nu-rave, minimalist techno, independent rap, nerdcore, Elephant 6, garage rock, classic rock (Beatles usually), and punk rock. Also, remember, they don't have to be famous to be good. Browse amateur videos on YouTube, and you may find your style.

  • Hipster artists of note include Lana Del Rey, Grizzly Bear, Marina & The Diamonds, Pink Floyd, Stray Kites,The Xx , Nirvana, La Roux, M83, Neon Indian, Neon Neon, King Khan, and the Shrines. Imagine Dragons, and Bastille are great examples of non-hipster bands, because the main part of being hipster is listening to bands that no one has ever heard of. Try Days n Daze, King Krule, Mitski, ikea graveyard, Waxahatchee, Dollar Signs, spoonboy, Not Half Bad, or Pope instead.
  • Music blogs like Gorilla vs. Bear, Indiehere, /mu/, and Stereogum may help you with choosing suitable bands to listen to. Meeting people who are already into these bands will help you as well.
  • Perhaps the most popular hipster music website is Pitchfork Media. If they give an album a good rating, it must be quite hip.
  • One good way to decipher whether or not an artist is hipster is if your non-hipster friends to have never heard of them.
  • Feel free to listen to the music of other countries as well, since most mainstream songs of this decade came out of America, Britain and South Korea.